About Pamela

Pamela Aaralyn is an author and mentor, a world renowned trance channel of Christ Conscious beings, and a master teacher for the angelic beings known as Elohim and Seraphim.

After having a profound initiating experience with an archangel at age 5, she now readily channels ascended beings and many great spiritual masters from all traditions.

Pamela was one of the first clear conscious channels in her field at the young age of 23, and soon became known for graciously providing wisdom, compassion and mastery for anyone seeking their higher knowing. With many years of “front lines” experience, she is now a world-renowned mentor and spiritual development teacher, showing everyone their true identity and potential.

Pamela’s rich Native American heritage culminating in becoming an initiated shaman, and her all-encompassing access to higher information has developed into a highly rewarding private practice of writing, teaching, spiritually integrated medical mediumship and trance channeling.