How Can I Step Up My Game?

Offering  One on One Online Mentorship for Spiritual Development

Have you been following Pamela for a while and developing your many different abilities and gifts?


Are you ready to move to the next level of personalized instruction and life mastery?


Mentorship sessions are a serious commitment to yourself and the process!


Are you considering using your gifts to serve others?


NOTE: This package is not for readings, but for personal mentorship and training which is held virtually face to face via Zoom

If you have any questions, please contact us.


  • In taking the next steps Pamela will assist you in figuring out where you’d like to go in development and give you the techniques to get there.
  • Simultaneously the things that need to be examined and integration in you will come up big time. Fears, core beliefs and things that are not working will come up very strongly so that Pamela can assist you in getting past them and coming out on the other side.
  • Ultimately the goal is to get to your deepest level of purpose and mastering it in ways that you can step forth into the world to help yourself and others.
  • To follow through on and keep you progressing between sessions there will be…
    • homework
    • journaling,
    • exercises, 
    • processes
  • These sessions will allow Pamela to assist you in bringing your unique gifts into your practice in an integrated way to maximize your strengths and efficiency in serving others.
    • Medium
    • Channel
    • Medical Medium
    • Healer

​Introduction to Mentorship

This package is for the curious but serious seeker of individual mentorship. If you’re ready to expand your spiritual knowledge and work with me one on one, let’s start and find your gifts and spiritual path. Let’s expand together!

This package includes 3 (three) forty minute mentorship sessions. All sessions in this package must be scheduled within the time allotted (90 days).

Investment $1111