Private Readings

What is a Reading?

In a session with Pamela she will be reading the energetic colors and patterns that you are living with and through, your mental, emotional and physical patterns and tendencies, and your soul’s course and purpose as revealed by your Higher Self.

Pamela also receives specific messages from the higher dimensional beings associating with you, these are your spirit guides and angels.

As a clear conduit channel and natural medium, Pamela doesn’t use tools. She can clearly connect through spirit guides, humans and animals (living* and deceased) and all beings of Light from other realms, especially ascended beings and angelic presences.

The total information revealed to you is comprehensive, specific and detailed, and is in direct correlation to your daily life and tendencies right now. This highly detailed “inside” information assists you and her in creating together a soul essence channeling session that is both uniquely transformative and practical for you.

Note from Pamela

Timing is not my forte because time is a manmade device. Even knowing the future path alone could change the timing of it. Each and everything you do in the present moment is changing the outcome and timing in some way, shape or form, hence the reason why we can manifest our own futures to a large extent. If a prediction of the future is made, please keep in mind that I am reading your energy and intent based on the present moment. Energy is in motion and is fluid, therefore, predictions can and do change.

Also Note: keep in mind that the ethical boundaries exclude questions about death or questions that are too personally intrusive and/or questions that could cause emotional or physical danger to another person.

About the Types of Readings

Any of the reading types described below can be combined in one session. It is perfectly normal and is only restricted by the length of your session. They can be 20 mins, 30 mins or 40 mins long.  You don’t need to be concerned about choosing a specific session type as much as knowing the type of information that is available to you and making a list of questions that you would like answered. The questions act as a checklist for you to make sure you get all the information that you want.

If it is your first time the Extra-sensory aura reading averages about 15-20 minutes but your mileage may vary. This is a good place to start.

Types of Readings (can be combined)

Extra-sensory Aura Reading

Using all of her extra-sensory abilities, this reading entails a detailed view and interpretation of all layers of the aura (physical, mental, emotional/spiritual). This reading will help determine your life purpose, spiritual path, physical and emotional heath state, best career choice options, spiritual gifts/abilities, how you are connecting to people around you and what their purpose is in your life, personality strengths/weaknesses and so much more.

You will be shown your primary life color(s), told your spiritual purpose based upon the color, shown how to best heal, integrate and spiritually evolve and so much more, based upon your primary and secondary colors of your aura. She may also take the time to read someone else’s aura who is in your life (relationships of all types: romantic, friendships, family and working relationships).

Aura readings also open up Pamela’s clairvoyance in a way where she can take a peek at any questions related to your future path as well. These questions include things like; love life questions, questions about your relationships with parents, children or other family members, remote viewing questions, and questions regarding professional relationships of all varieties.

Soul Essence Channeling

Pamela’s clients often contact her to ask questions to their own Higher Self. Especially when they are confused about life purpose, direction in relationships (what is best for them with their loved ones and family), or when they are looking to channel soulmates who are estranged and giving confusing responses.

Channeling soulmates is helpful because it is a direct line into their minds, both consciously and subconsciously.  It will also allow you to ask direct questions to your loved ones that you might fear asking in person, and then receive detailed answers directly from their higher self.

Using Soul Essence Channeling to ask questions to your own Higher Self is helpful when you are unaware of why you feel a certain way, why you have certain fears, where your blocks are in relationships, health, finances, and much more.

*Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that Pamela must ask the person’s permission at the soul level to be able to do this, and even then, if we ask a question they don’t feel comfortable answering, we will not get those answers, as that would not be spiritually ethical. If a prediction is made, it is changeable based on the law of attraction. NO SET PREDICTION GUIDELINES CAN BE MADE as energy is fluid and can change all predictions.

Extra-Sensory Life Coaching

This session is a combination of you asking any psychic questions you may have about your past, present and future, unblocking your chakras, grounding/cleansing/healing tools are utilized and then taught, channeling your higher power (or anyone around you) guides and law of attraction processes for manifesting a better present and future.


Medical Intuition & Plant Medicine 

You may ask for medical intuitive readings using the aura as well and it is highly accurate, however, please consider that I am not a medical professional and I’m not fully qualified to diagnose you, treat you or cure you. There can be no guarantees on prediction accuracy, as truth is relative based on individual perception. Please read the terms and conditions carefully . 


Please keep in mind that because of ethical boundaries, Pamela will not answer questions about death or questions that are too intrusive or that can cause emotional, legal or physical danger to another person.

If you are currently or have ever received mental health care from a healthcare professional or have a metal health issue or if you are or have ever taken or are currently taking medication for mental health issues, you must inform us before you book any appointment. In this event you may be refund your fees and the appointment may be cancelled.

Frequency Chant Healing

Using specific frequencies that correspond to your blockages in the aura and chakra system, Pamela will utilize overtone chanting to unblock these areas of concern to release resistance, help with physical, emotional traumas, pain and to ground/cleanse one’s energy field. Frequency chant sessions require only fifteen minutes worth of time. The recordings from this type of session can be used thereafter as often as you like, to continue the healing energies.


Animal & Pet Communication

Did you have a pet cross over? Pamela can readily access most pets crossed over, no matter the time frame of the passing. She can also help with your living pets, especially in relation to health and behavioral concerns (by accessing her medical mediumship abilities) and telepathically talking to your pet on all levels.



Akashic Records Reading

This type of session calls Pamela to give a detailed review of your akashic records, or what humans know as “past lives”. By viewing these records, she can determine your planet and/or star system of origin, then retrieve specific events that happened to you in the time period you were there.


Spirit Guide Channeling

This is a session where Pamela may use clairvoyance, clairaudience and telepathy as a whole to get in touch with your spirit guides. You may ask them any questions you want within ethical boundaries and they will answer you via her channeling them


Ascended Master Channeling

Pamela regularly channels ascended masters such as Yeshua, Archangel Michael, Buddha, and many others. She is happy to try to bring in any ascended master and ask them the questions of your choosing.



Mediumship (including contacting loved ones passed)

Pamela does NOT do mediumship sessions because in her perspective the world of spirit is vastly different than what is being offered in the third dimension. Do not book any session for mediumship (e.g. contacting those past) , Pamela does NOT do mediumship and you will be refunded.


More on Preparing for Your Reading

Zoom is used for all live sessions and accommodates the use of computer, most devices. All readings and appointments are on zoom video, there are no in person or phone readings or appointments . Please plan an extra 10 minutes prior to your session to make sure that your device is working properly and set to go. Your confirmation email will contain all needed information about what to do next.

Please note that sessions are scheduled back to back. Most likely we are not able to add time to your session after it’s scheduled. If you do not show up for your session on time, it will be time lost as we cannot extend the end point of your session.

Recordings are not offered by Pamela at this time, due to technical errors that arise within them. Pamela’s energy stream more than often breaks up the recording. You are welcome to record AUDIO ONLY on your end, but we cannot be held accountable for recordings at this time.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

If you need to reschedule an appointment or update the appointment information you are free to do so by clicking the “view appointment details” link in any confirmation email. Changes to the schedule less than 48 hours before the appointment or reading are not possible,  There are no charges for rescheduling 48 hours before your appointment or transferring your session to another service or person. Details of charges for rescheduling less than 48 hours are in the terms and conditions. When booking you must read and tick to say you have read the terms and conditions.  No show appointments will not be refunded.