Recorded Channelings

Pamela does a variety of channelings. Some are public on YouTube. Others are done only for Patreon subscribers. Sometimes we take a private channeling make it available here for a small fee. Enjoy!

Listed with the newest channelings at the top.

All channelings priced $13 and range in length from 20 to 90 minutes.

Replay: Channeling The Council of 9 (June 26, 2020)

As we enter New Earth with The Shift of 2020, it is good to review where we came from and what happened on earth from the galactic level. Where does this galactic history fit in with where we are today? What is humanity’s potential in New Earth?

    Channeled: June 2020    Duration: 90 minutes    Fee: $44.44

    Replay: Channeling The Hopi and The Ancients (May 22, 2020)

    Join us for an interview-style channeling of the Hopi and The Ancients for remembering of ancient technologies and powerful, loving, healthy cultures and systems that have long been forgotten. After the trance channeling, we will answer patron questions.

      Channeled: May 2020    Duration: 85 minutes    Fee: $88.88

      Replay: Channeling Yeshua (April 12, 2020)

      Pamela Aaralyn channels Yeshua on the current SHIFT going on in the world, the coronavirus and more!

        Channeled: April 2020    Duration: 120 minutes    Fee: $55.55


        Replay: Channeling of White Buffalo Calf Medicine Woman

        Among the topics covered in this channeling are:

        • Leylines
        • The Event
        • Rebirth of Gaia
        • Element of sound and sacred song
        • The Seven Sacred Rights of the Plains nations
        • How to activate the healer within you by use of sacral knowledge

        Channeled: March 2018    Duration: 70 minutes    Fee: $13

        Replay: Channeling Lilith and the Seraphim Dragons of Creation

        You will learn all about the races of angelics from the Seraphim perspective. This channeling is VERY similar to that of Heylal and Lilith, discussing duality vs. non-duality and aspects of Time and creation of all species of beings.

        Dragons aren’t what you believe, and neither are Angels. Are you ready for a different perspective?

        Channeled: February 2018    Duration: 1h 10m   Fee: $13

        See the Trailer video below for more info.

        Replay: Channeling the Dolphin and Whale Collective, Special Guest Winter

        Winter, the rescue dolphin with a prosthetic tail, speaks on behalf of the dolphin and whale collective about humanity’s connection to marine life and to each other. She also shares many stories about endurance, surrender, and TRUST. Dolphins can teach us unique lessons on mothering the young and sound healing.

        Channeled: February 2018    Duration: 42 Minutes    Fee: $13

        See the Trailer video below for more info.

        Replay: Channeling the Human Conscious Collective

        Among the topics covered in this channeling are:

        • Human sexuality
        • The point of being human
        • Communicating with angels
        • Being healthy on all levels
        • Ascension and current upheavals
        • Taking the suffering out of pain
        • Connecting to the universal heartbeat
        • Events and politics in 2018 and beyond

        Channeled: January 2018    Duration: 60 minutes    Fee: $13

        Replay: Channeling Adamas and the Inner Earth Collective

        Join Adamas, the voice of the Inner Earth Collective as you understand collectives of Lemuria, Atlantis, and Telos. If you have ever wanted to understand races of these collectives and how they interact with humans, especially indigenous awakened tribal collectives, this is a channeling you should not resist! Learn about the South Pole, the North Pole, Lemurian tunnels and dimensions into the inner earth collective world.

        Channeled: January 2018    Duration: 66 minutes    Fee: $13

        Replay: Channeling Astrea- Divine Mother of the Elohim Angelic Beings

        Join me as I channel Astrea, Divine Mother of the Elohim Angelic Collective. Learn about the concept of Time, the concordant records (the PRESENT), life purpose, soul contracts, and how to serve earth as a lightworker, Eckankar and the concept of the Miracle. How do humans create themselves? How do we stand in our own mastery as healers? All of this and more!

        Channeled: December 2017    Duration: 60 minutes    Fee: $13

        Replay: Channeling The Elohim

        This channeling inclues:

        • Raising Elohim children
        • Quickening and ascension
        • Characteristics, mission and purpose of people with dominant Elohim aspects
        • The lineage of mankind and the descendants of various races from the Archangels

        Channeled: October 2017    Duration: 60 minutes    Fee: $13

        Replay: Channeling Serapis Bey- Divine Architect and Creator of EARTH

        Are you curious about how you got here and why?
        What’s ascension really about?
        What can we do to be here effectively?
        Why was earth created?
        Come find out!

        Channeled: October 2017    Duration: 60 minutes    Fee: $13

        Replay: Channeling Quan Yin

        A deep dive into shame including:

        • The Source of Shame
        • Transmuting Shame
        • Transcending Shame
        • Perpetuating Shame
        • The frequency stopper
        • Ego’s defense for shame
        • Shame’s deeper hidden aspect

        Also covered in this channeling:

        • Pain & suffering
        • Separation – emptiness
        • Balance and full state of emotions
        • The true nature of manifestation and resonance
        • Difference between reaction and response

        Channeled: October 2017    Duration: 53 minutes    Fee: $13

        Replay: Channeling Mother Teresa

        Learn about Mother Teresa’s perspective of Unity from the other side of the veil. She wishes to bring to light many misunderstandings about religion, war, world peace, famine, poverty and much more. She also has many interesting things to say about Churches that may change your life for good!

        Channeled: August 2017    Duration: 75 minutes    Fee: $13

        Replay: Channeling Sri Ramana Maharshi

        Explore the true state of the jnani (self-realization), I AM teachings, Self Inquiry and more. How can we silence the brain? What is upadesa (teachings)? How did Ramana Maharshi teach the world without speaking a word? What IS self-awareness and how can it be reached? Is it true that we require liberation? How can the third dimension be truly transcended?

        Channeled: July 2017    Duration: 80 minutes    Fee: $13

        Replay: Channeling the Divine Mothers

        Pamela and Karen celebrate Mother’s Day by channeling a group of Divine Mothers. Karen is a clear conduit channel for Mother Mary. Pamela brings in many Divine Mothers from Earth and beyond while holding a space of healing and Love. This channeling is full of Divine Mother Love and healing for all beings on earth.

        Channeled: May 2017    Duration: 82 mins.    $13 

        Replay: Channeling Two Masters of Advaita

        A channeled conversation between Maharishi Mahesh, the founder of Transcendental Meditation and Nisargadatta Maharaj, a guru of non-dualism and of many I AM discourses.

        “Love says I am everything. Wisdom says I am nothing. Between the two my life Flows. Please notice my focus on the word, “Flow”. This is the path of the middle way, which releases all notions of expectation”. -Maharaj.

        “Flow is the naturally occurring state that is required for Grace, which is the cornerstone for self-realization.”– Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

        Channeled: March 2017    Duration: 86 mins.    Fee: $13

        Replay: Channeling Mary Magdalene

        This channeling includes:

        • Your alchemy
        • Pole shift and reset
        • Purity, selfness, love
        • A message to healers
        • Key to your ascension
        • Knowing your purpose
        • Ascension through love
        • Putting crystals in water
        • Cellular Nature and love
        • Water and cellular nature
        • A download of loving energy
        • First-wavers provide examples
        • Organic farmers are ahead of the game
        • Pamela’s experience of divine beings coming to her
        • Water infusion with emotions frequency, intentions
        • Lion’s Gate Portal energy wave shift August – September 2016

        Channeled: August 2016    Duration: 25 mins.    Fee: $13

        Replay: Channeling Yeshua

        An inspiring and informative message from Jeshua.

        This channeling includes:

        • Service
        • Resistance
        • Personal truth
        • Ego & humility
        • Belief in abilities
        • Organized religion
        • Unintegrated aspects
        • Role of the satan and Lucifer
        • Surrender through suffering
        • Manifesting physical healing
        • Give what you wish to receive
        • Heaven, hell, limbo, punishment
        • Spiritual awakening through agitation
        • Interconnected & unified human family
        • Unexplored information known to spirit families
        • Healing tension, anger and anxiety through love
        • Native American nations healing through children
        • Thought-based communication with guides and source

        Channeled: August 2016    Duration: 22 mins.    Fee: $13