Recorded Patreon Classes

Select classes from Pamela’s Patreon Spiritual Development Program are now available separately. Each class is at least 30 minutes long and is available for only $33.

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Replay: The Lion People Explain the Scale of Consciousness

 What is the Lion’s Gate Portal? How far have we come in this ascension so far? What is new with THE EVENT? How do we handle ascension symptoms? What advice for healing modalities and Heart Connection do the Lyrans have for us? All of this and more! The Lyrans have been helping humans manage the EVENT since the moment we created “time” here on earth (and believe me, that was a LONG time ago)! Coming through the soul group lovingly nicknamed, “The Lion People”, the ambassadors of the Lyran Felines (from the Lyra constellation) will guide us through this class and answer your questions. You get to talk to “Pamela’s people”! 

    1.4 Hours   $33


    Replay: Principles of Resonance for Living in Joy


      1.1 Hours   $33


      Replay: Principals of Health for the 4th or 5th Density Body


        1.1 Hours   $33


        Replay: Galactic History – From the Perspective of Oneness

        Have you ever wondered how Galactic History aligns with the perspective of Oneness and nonduality teachings? This is an entire new way to understand the Akash.

          1.1 Hours   $33

          Replay: Activating the God Particle (The Path of Grace)

          Learn about spiritual DNA activation, energy upgrades/downloads, angelic activations taught by the Elohim and other important tools to utilize and live life in the path of the highest frequency possible – GRACE!

            .75 Hours   $33

            Replay: All About Spiritual Alchemy and Shamanism

            Learn all about the foundation of alchemy and how it connects to and is similar to elemental and medicine wheel shamanism. If you don’t know what either are, or if you simply want to expand upon techniques, this is a good class for you. We discussed implants, the pineal gland upgrades, Atlantis and Lemuria background, energy activations, Rosicrucian alchemy, how chakras play into alchemy and much more. Where did alchemy begin and how did it then translate into shamanism later? How do you know if you are aligned to or connected to being a shaman or alchemist? This was a VERY information filled class.

            .75 Hours   $33

            Replay: All About the Elohim – Christ Consciousness Angelics

            This Christ Conscious soul group of angelics created all of the angels and Christ Conscious beings that work with Christ Consciousness.

            In this recorded class you will learn about their

            • Agenda
            • Purpose
            • Origin points
            • Galactic traits
            • Who they represent
            • Mission for helping us
            • History with Earth and beyond
            • And much more…

            1.1 Hours   $33

            Replay: The All Seeing Eye – Auras Chakras and BEYOND Part 2

            Opening the third eye can be an important tool in your life. Joining this detailed class will help anyone who is interested in developing clairvoyance. If you’ve been interested in learning to see and interpret auras and chakras, join Pamela as she shares her more powerful techniques for opening the third eye. These are techniques taught to Pamela by ascended masters and archangels since age five. Learn about all layers of the aura and how this applies to not just seeing but interpreting the aura. Seeing through the ether will help those interested in healing, medical mediumship, healing process work and psychic development. This class is part two to the full class listed under Recorded Classes and contains a lot of new material. You can find the original class by CLICKING HERE.

            1.1 Hours   $33

            Replay: The Art of Spiritual Inquiry

            Have you ever felt disconnected from Guidances/Source and wondered how you can connect and STAY connected? Spiritual Inquiry is a PROFOUNDLY ILLUMINATING path taught to me at basic to advanced levels by many Realized Christ Conscious masters throughout all of my incarnations. Let’s begin this beautiful journey together as I share their foundational, specific inquiry lessons.

              1 Hour   $33

              Replay: Astral Projection and Bi-Location 101

              A how-to class that includes…

              • How to get out of fear about leaving the body
              • How to use alchemy to move through different realms based on INTENTION and Universal Laws
              • How to trust the information you receive.

              1.25 Hours   $33

              Replay: Emergence – Your Ascension Guideline

              What is Emergence? Have you ever felt like you’re in a cocoon, ready to burst into a whole new world of energy? If you’re looking for a simple guideline to ascension when you’re in the process of spiritual awakening, look no further. This is your guide to surviving and thriving ascension symptoms and the awkward stages of spiritual awakening. Are you wondering about all of the energy shifts going on and how to manage your own frequency? This is the class for you no matter your level of awakening. This is a spiritual development class that will help you awaken to your own abilities.

              38 Minutes   $33

              Replay: The Karmic Cycle of Cleansing and Release

              What are Lightworkers going through currently in the release and cleansing of karmic cycles? Why do we as Lightworkers go through these cycles? How does it feel and how do we manage these constant downgrades and uploads to our energies? What portals is Gaia going through and how does this affect us in 3d and 5D? A massive wave of energy is coming through the entire human conscious collective. This class teaches how to survive and thrive these MASSIVE energy shifts we’re all experiencing!

              45 minutes   $33

              Replay: Law of Oneness (See God in All)

              “If you can’t see God in all, you won’t see God at All” – Yogi Bahjan. Are you ready to release judgments of yourself and others, both consciously and unconsciously?

              1 Hour   $33

              Replay: Law of Resistance and How to Get Unstuck

              This class includes:

              • Shadow Work;
              • Inspired Action;
              • Impact Training;
              • Utilizing wonder;
              • Law of Specificity;
              • Honor what you feel;
              • Dark Night of the Soul;
              • Next most believable step;
              • The Sacred Shape Induction;
              • Turning anger into empowerment;
              • Dealing with depression, apathy and despair;
              • The Law of Attraction – Letter to the Universe Process.

              1 hour   $33

              Replay: Mediumship Lifestyle and Maintenance Tame your EMPATHY

              WHY IS IT SO HARD to be a channel, medium and empath and be in the 3d?!

              Have you ever wondered what on earth is happening to you in your spiritual awakening? Are you awakening at odd hours of the night with bizarre, lucid dreams? Do you have trouble sleeping or managing your emotions and empathy? Are you feeling bombarded suddenly with unmanageable thoughts, emotions and energies that are hard to control? Physically, are you experiencing tingling and pressure in your head or ringing in your ears? Do you sometimes wonder if you are experiencing others’ thoughts, emotions and pains? Do you feel psychically attacked?

              If you answered yes to ANY of the above questions, you could be awakening to your clairsentience and empathy! You COULD indeed be awakening to become a psychic medium!

              It’s hard when you realize that spiritual gifts don’t always feel like gifts. It’s not all cake and ice cream in the spiritual world (especially when you simply want a good night’s sleep or to just turn it off every now and then)!

              I’m a medium, channel and empath who has learned how to manage the most difficult psychic attacks and energy transference. Join me as I teach you the basics and advanced skills to get through your spiritual awakening. 

                1.5 Hours   $33

                Replay: The Melchizadek Hand 101 & 201

                Ancient principles of hermetics as applied to a specific angelic healing technique taught to Pamela by The Melchizadek angelic group. This is the most powerful energetic technique that Pamela has taught the world to date and we are so happy to finally share it with you!

                “As a Melchizedek practitioner ( as well as many others), I found the Melchizedek Hand class instructions to be an expansion on the same principles, and I’m excited to incorporate your teachings of this method! Also, Pamela, I’m giddy with Joy to witness your expansion of higher truth of yourself, and the material that comes through you! Sending much Love, Light & Gratitude for your choice to share exactly whom you are…taking us to the highest possibility. LOVE!” – Kelly

                  2.5 Hours   $53

                  Replay: The Miracle of Wonder (6th Dimensional Manifestation)

                  Has the Law of Attraction been hard on you? It could be that you don’t know the ancient alchemy secret: WONDER. In laws of 6th dimensional manifestation, you will learn about time and how it is relevant (or not), the Law of Resonance, GRACE and frequency management to a very strong degree. Have you ever wanted instant manifestation but in a more positive way? This is the class for you if you’re ready to take control of how you create your present and future.

                  1 Hour   $33

                  Replay: Multi-Dimensional Living

                  How to manage your frequency and deal with modern 3D paradigms while bringing YOUR own higher frequency into these paradigms.

                  35 minutes   $33

                  The Sacral Chakra Portal: Become ABUNDANT and Creative!

                  Is the Law of Attraction not being very friendly in your life? Do you feel stuck and stagnant in your creativity and abundance? Let’s learn all about the Law of RESONANCE, a little discussed Universal Law that can be applied much more easily than the Law of Attraction so that you can finally become the powerful creator you’re meant to be! Turn a powerless, stuck life into a flowing life where you learn to create, trust and follow your PASSION!

                  34 Minutes   $33

                  Replay: Separation vs. Unity

                  How to live in a dualistic, third dimensional world while having NON DUALITY, unity and spiritual connection as your main goals. Have you ever wondered why we incarnate and how Source projects through us? It can be so confusing living in this harsh earthly reality if you don’t have the basics of this class. Why do we believe we are separate from God? What happens in our contracts when we have this belief? How can we really go towards ascension? What about life purpose? All of this is discussed in this class.

                  45 minutes   $33

                  Replay: The Shadow and the Light (Differences in Healing Modalities)

                  Based on your polls and comments, here you go: shadow work (and light work). Journey into your Highest and Best for healing!

                  1 Hour   $33

                  Replay: Tools & Techniques for Frequency Management and Maximizing Your Gifts

                  This class includes:

                  • Flow;
                  • Shabed;
                  • Detachment;
                  • Source Tones;
                  • Dissolutionment;
                  • The Chaos Theory;
                  • Bhakti Meditation;
                  • Dis-appointment;
                  • Dis-appointment;
                  • Being the answer;
                  • Dissolving old forms;
                  • MS Multiple Sclerosis;
                  • First real sense of self;
                  • Purpose – what it’s not;
                  • The Self Inquiry Process;
                  • Stop, breathe and listen;
                  • Bringing light into chaos;
                  • Channeling of Maharaha Marashi;
                  • The Heroes Journey – Path of Awakening.

                   1.25 Hours   $33