Shamanic Crystal Healing Grids

How is a Shamanic Crystal Healing Grid Made?

On a special handmade table covered with linen, Pamela lays out a grid of crystals specially chosen for you after connecting with your ancestors, spirit guides, angels and ascended masters. With permission, Pamela then creates energetic portals which she will travel through to convene with your ancestors and guides to correct issues, ask for healing, find lessons, activate your purpose and abilities, or whatever the intention may be. Up to 72 hours of shamanic journeying will be spent getting the answers and bringing the healing energies through the portals of your grid.

Where did Pamela learn this technique?
 It was taught to her by ancestors, ascended masters and guides.

Next pictures of the grid are blessed and sent to you to be placed in areas of your home where it can easily be seen, especially during meditation. For the next 33 days, the grid should be looked at during your daily meditation.

Pamela’s clients have received amazing results from her grids in the forms of physical and emotional healing, financial abundance, twin flame connections, spirit guide introductions and the revealing of life purpose.

Ordering Process

You are not present for the ceremony. When you are ordering simply list your intentions and provide 1to 3 photos of anyone involved in your concerns. This can be purchased for yourself or someone else (include a picture of the recipient). You will receive a link to add more information and pictures in your email confirmation. So, if you don’t have everything when scheduling, don’t worry.

Choose the grid which addresses your needs. If you feel that more than one is relevant they can be combined into one grid. Just select one and let us know which others you’d like to be combined with it.

The fee for your grid is $333. Due to the large amount of work that goes into your grid which can start any time after your order is processed, refunds are not available. Pictures of your grid, together with instructions, will be emailed 1-4 weeks from the date which you scheduled.

Abundance and Flow …

If you’ve been experiencing financial and creative blocks to flow and abundance, this grid will reveal the reasons why and help you to release the constrictions that are holding you back.

Life Purpose & Mastery

This ceremony calls upon your guides and ancestors to reveal your predominant life purpose and creative passion. If you’ve ever felt confused, lost and in search of your unique life purpose, this grid will definitely change your life! Finding your life purpose is the foundation of using all your spiritual gifts and stepping into your mastery.

Opening Your Spiritual Abilities

Do you feel disconnected from your own spiritual gifts and abilities? This grid ceremony invokes your guides and ancestors to help you reveal and master your unique spiritual gifts.

Healing Physical and Emotional Trauma

​This is a very powerful ceremony that invokes ancestral attention for healing all physical and emotional traumas and diseases. Many clients have experience complete and permanent resolution through this process.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or health professional and am not licensed to diagnose or treat you. If this condition exists for the purpose of a soul contract, more spiritual work would need to be done over time for complete and permanent healing.

Meet Your Spirit Guides

Meet your dominant and subdominant spirit guides. Pamela creates unique portals that allow your spirit guides and ancestors to present themselves to you and introduce themselves.

Meet Your Angels

​Have you ever wondered who is guiding, protecting and ministering to you from the angelic realms? This grid invokes the angels who are helping you to step forward and introduce themselves. Invoking your angels is a powerful thing to do that will help you make positive, healing changes in your life. This ceremony is helpful as well when you are feeling alone and disconnected from guides/Source. Enjoy a new sense of angelic companionship that will help ensure more emotional connection and safety.

True Love

While I do not teach the concept of the “Twin Flame” (everyone is us and we are all One), I do believe that it’s possible to meet a match that would be for your Highest and Best in any given moment, which includes joining with the Love of your Life.

There are both karmic and dharmic soulmate connections, which will always be in your Highest and Best. You will experience your karmic soulmates for the purpose of expansion and growth to prepare you for the level of spiritual maturity needed to be the dharmic soulmate of your dharmic soulmate.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee the return of a specific soulmate. If it is your highest and best, however, it does occur using these grids. If a soulmate returns to you and you experience karmic pain, please know that this is also your highest and best for your personal growth. If a person does NOT return, there are reasons for this as well that helps you along in both your spiritual journeys. My suggestion for use of this grid is to release NAMES in your intentions and simply state, “I am open for my TRUE LOVE at this time”.  

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