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The Earth Angels


Pamela Aaralyn – Avatar of Grace

Stewart Pearce – Angels of Atlantis 


What are they, and how can you be one?

Listen in and learn about how to rediscover the fullness of your own divinely inspired skills, and embrace your angelic Self, so you too can be an Angel emissary.




Legendary Master of Voice & Angel Whisperer – STEWART PEARCE was the Head of Voice at the Webber Douglas Academy London from 1980-1997, helped pioneer Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre between 1997-2010, and has coached luminaries such as Eddie Redmayne, Hugh Bonneville, Mark Rylance, Michelle Williams, Marianne Williamson, Gwendoline Christie, Margaret Thatcher, and Diana Princess of Wales to name just a few.

Being an Angelic Emissary for over thirty years Stewart has also published “Angels and the Keys to Paradise”, “The Angels of Atlantis” Book & Oracle, the “Angelic Heart Sigils Oracle”, “The Hearts Note” and “The Alchemy of Voice”, alongside several award-winning recordings, such as the “Angels of Atlantis Soul Calls”. Stewart’s next publication will be DIANA: THE VOICE OF CHANGE.

Live via Zoom on

Sunday November 18

20.00 UK; 15.00 EDT; 13.00 MDT; 12.00 PDT

1.5 Hours   $111.11

Patreon Schedule for October 2018


Available through subscription to Pamela’s Patreon.com site.

All times are Mountain Time

Date Time Tier Description
1 – Monday 3 pm Tier 1 Class: Ask Pamela Anything
3 – Wednesday 3 pm Tier 2 The GRACE That I AM  (Getting Out of Your Own WAY and Being Available for Grace in Your Life)
4 – Thursday 3 pm Tier 1 Class-Decide to be FREE! (Releasing the concepts of attachment, blocks and negative entities)
10 – Wednesday 3 pm Tier 1 Class- Live Q and A (Satsang)
12 – Friday 3 pm Tier 1 Channeling-The Dragon Collective (PRIME Dragons)
15 – Monday 3 pm Tier 2 Class- Live Q and A
16 – Tuesday 3 pm Tier 2 Channeling-SURPRISE (Whoever Comes Through for the Highest and Best)
26 – Frisay 3 pm Tier 2 Channeling-The Annunaki
29 – Monday 3 pm Tier 2 Class- Principles of Sacred Commerce (201)- DREAM your ULTIMATE CREATIVE DREAM and Prosper!