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Patreon Schedule for OCTOBER 2022

Thanks for much for your kind support here in our Patreon spiritual community.

October 2022 Theme and Events

Hi there

I’m looking forward to exploring with you this month for our powerful, magical and practical theme 

Find Your Mission, Find Your Magic. 

Thank you for all of the channeling and class suggestions. Your suggestions were in exactly in resonance with what I’m wanting to teach and channel this month.

Below are the topics and channelings I’ve chosen, based on your wonderful hints and suggestions.

Please find calendars attached for the monthly schedule .

Tiers 4-5 Spiritual Bonfire – Tues 4th Oct 2022

Join us for our Spiritual Bonfire, where all are on screen live together with Pamela to discuss our spiritual journey and discuss difficulties in a safe environment.

Tiers 2-5 Mystical Masterclass- The Sworn Book of Honorius – Thurs 6th Oct 2022

This powerful wizard will open the door for some deep alchemy this month as we go into the secrets of white magic together and ritual cleansings/purifications.

Tiers 1-5 – Q and A- Useful Magic – Tues 11th Oct 2022

Come ask questions about all we’ve learned or even about your own topic. APPLY the magic practically.

Tiers 4-5 Channeling Joseph Campbell- Myths of Human Belief Thurs 13th 2022

Come learn what makes us tick in terms of archetypal myths that continue to drive collective and individual karma. If you want to know yourself more, remove the SPELL of collective belief from your life, and watch the magic bless you.  Campbell will discuss the significance of legends, myth and oral traditions in order to remember the world as it once was. How can regional myths (like Merlin) and global legends (like dragons) help us to understand our divine nature for co-creation, and inspire a blueprint for the new earth we’re creating? Come find out.

Tiers 5 Class or Meditation- The Mysteries of Lord Dhanvantari – Tues 18th 2022

A physician of the gods. Many pray to Dhanvantari seeking his blessing for Sound  and vibrational healings. Hopefully he will sing to us and give us tips on vibrational healing. <3

Tier 1-5 Class & Channeling- Saidhbhin The First Druid Thurs 20th 2022

As we head into the mystical darkness of our soul these next few months of winter, come join us in a channeling of Saidhbhinas she teaches us the ancient rituals and arts of Earthcraft. Earthcraft is the use of elements and animal totems to delve deep into healing of the body, mind and soul.

Tiers 3-5 Class- The Magic in The Mystical-Tues 25th Oct 2022

Learn more about Mystical Law in application to finding your sacred contracts and missions. When we find our life purpose and missions in this life, going through karma and dharma can be mystical. Every day holds a potential for the use of magical portals of awareness to access the power of the MIRACLE. This is useful and practical when we apply it to our daily lives in our careers, hobbies, health and relationships. If you’ve been feeling a loss of the “magic” in your world, this class is for you.

Tiers 1-5- Channeling Merlin- Practical Magic – Thurs 27th Oct 2022

Everyday can be magical when you bring out the wizard of YOUR SOUL. Connect with Merlin for a deeper understanding of older alchemy incantations and invocations for use in a modern, practical world.

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