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Patreon Schedule for MARCH 2023

Thanks for much for your kind support here in our Patreon spiritual community.

Tues 7th March 2023 – Tiers 2-6 Mystical Masterclass- The Keys of Enoch- Keys 2 and 3

Let’s go deeper into this powerful book that helps us connect to our soul’s cosmogenesis.

Thur 9th March 2023 – Tiers 1-6 Channeling Humans from the Future-Meet Ethan, A New Earth Politician Year 2070

It appears that a spiritual advocate finally got into the political realm to make some beautiful, much needed changes.

What did he change and why?

Tues 14th March 2023 -Tiers 1-6 Class (and Channeling) – The Arcturian Council- Foundations of DNA Restoration

How can we restore our original human design in our DNA?

The Arcturians have a lot to share about restoring ancient PURE belief systems and PURE language.

Thur 16th March 2023 – Tier 5-6 Sound Healing

Come join me

Tues 21st March 2023 – Tiers 3-6 Class (and Channeling) – Humans from the Future Year 2050- Meet Ree, A Paleontologic Historian

Learn what historians remember about our paleontology. How did pandemics affect us? Who died from the V alone versus its supposed cure? For those who donated their bodies to science, a lot will be discovered in the future about our lifestyles, or choices to implement transhumanism or not, etc. How much did artificial sweeteners hurt us? Did our stripped soil biome really hurt the body? Let’s see what we can change now about our life for a better future ahead.

Thurs 23rd March  2023 – Tiers 4-6 Spiritual Bonfire

Tues 28th  March 2023 – Tiers 1-6 Spiritual Development Q and A: 

Come Ask Your Spiritual Development Questions

Thur 30th  March 2023 – Tiers 4-6 Channeling Enoch and Metatron- The Keys to Restoring the Original SOUL DNA

If we weren’t tampered with, what would our original NATURAL DNA look like? How do we return to that original plan for the natural HUMAN SOUL ?

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