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Galactic History Atlantis & Lemuria NEW HEALING MODALITIES!

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Who were the first humans on earth, why were they here and how did they get here? You won’t be surprised to know that Atlantians and Lemurians were the first beings on earth. You will, however, be VERY surprised why they chose earth as a place to create the first humans, how the first humans survived and thrived in ancient times, and you will be very happy to know how healing transpired back then!

 ****Let’s Heal from Duality!!*****

 *The Atlantians and Lemurians were the first alchemists, medical intuitives and healers. The Atlantians have a more scientific healing modality that I’d like to share with you in this class. 

 *The Lemurians have a very shamanic healing modality I’d like to share with you. 

 *The first hour of this class will be taught with Pamela sharing the galactic history of earth as it interacted with the Atlantian and Lemurian worlds, along with the sharing of the two specific Atlantian and Lemurian healing modalities. These modalities have caused miracle healings physically, instantaneous or very fast spiritual awakening experiences and have caused many to be on a path to enlightenment. 

 *These are new healing and awakening modalities!

 So far, I’ve shared one of these modalities with my patreon community, but the other I have not shared except with one on one students who are in my mentorship programs. YOU WILL BE THE FIRST TO KNOW the Lemurian modality. The Atlantian modality also has limited sharing so far on this earth from me.

 I cannot wait to teach how humanity got to the place of duality expansion such as war, terrorism, disease and mental distress. AND THEN I will teach you how Atlantians and Lemurians have always wished for us to heal from it! 

 *WORK ONE ON ONE and in small groups:

 In the second hour of the class, I will spend time working with you one on one to answer your questions on screen and to allow you to practice the two Atlantian and Lemurian modalities. 



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Monday August 20

4:00PM MST/-6UTC

2 Hours   $111.11

Patreon Schedule for September 2018


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Date Time Tier Description
3 – Monday 3 pm MT Tier 1 Class: Ask Pamela Anything
13 – Thursday 3 pm MT Tier 1 Live Q and A
14 – Friday 3 pm MT Tier 1 Channeling: Adolf Hitler and Jesus
17 – Monday 3 pm MT Tier 2 Live Q and A
18 – Tuesday 3 pm MT Tier 1 Class: Judgment Detox- Your DEEPEST step in spiritual mastery
19 – Wednesday 3 pm MT Tier 2 Class: Foundations of the Spiritual Business-The Creation and Intention of Your SOUL into your line of work
20 – Thursday 3 pm MT Tier 2 Class: The Awakening Shaman (Foundations of Elemental Shamanic Initiation)  
21 – Frisay 3 pm MT Tier 2 Channeling: Isis
23 – Monday 3 pm MT Tier 2 Channeling: Archangel Azrael: Death isn’t what you believe