Aura Color Meanings

The following Aura colors and their primary attributes are described in more detail below:


There are additional aura colors and meanings described here.

Red Aura Color

Reds are zealous and avid about all the physical components of life. They normally enjoy beauty, good food, great sex, exercise, belly laughter, snuggling, the great outdoors and all things related to the senses. They live their lives for the present moment, displaying strength, courage, passion, drive, humor, and confidence. They are grounded, practical, realistic, hardworking and sexy. They can be perceived as either refreshingly outspoken and honest or crude and abrupt, depending on if they are operating in alignment with Source and in balance or not.

You might be a red if:

1) You tend to tell it like it is, at all costs;

2) You are sensuous, sexual and enjoy all the finer things in life;

3) You have a bit of a temper, to call it mildly;

4) You enjoy exercise and sports as an outlet for frustrations;

5) Your energy is compelling, charismatic and potent; and

6) You are loyal, strong, and you know who you are, fully.

Crystal Aura Color

Crystals are considered the aura chameleons of the color spectrum, (i.e., they are strong mirror images of others). They reflect both the positive and negative qualities found in each of us, rarely taking on a “true” life color of their own. They constantly absorb energy from anything and everyone around them, making them the clearest and purest forms of energy healers available to humankind. They resonate at very high energetic frequency levels, which causes them to take on the energy of others, therefore it can be detrimental for crystals to be exposed to large crowds for long periods of time.

You might be a crystal if:

1) You’re extremely sensitive and have a hard time with overstimulation from crowds of people, loud noises, bright lights or strong smells;

2) You are somewhat reserved and introverted, although very loving. People may misconstrue your personality as being aloof, when that’s not true, you just don’t always prefer to speak out loud very much;
3) You are intelligent, cultured and love learning;
4) You’d prefer settled in with a good book or documentary than being at a party;
5) You are responsible and always try to remain ethical and true to your word;
6) You are drawn to quartz crystals, animals, rainbows, light catchers and stained glassed windows.

Lavender Aura Color:

Lavenders are gentle, free-spirited people who have a very active and colorful imagination. They are creative, compassionate, sensitive by nature and overall an inspiration to others based upon their ability to unconditionally love and respect all of humanity. Lavenders love to dream big both in their sleeping worlds, in their waking worlds and even are often adept at exploring other dimensions other than the third dimension, both knowingly and unknowingly. They prefer to use their intuitive skills above logical skills and they have a strong fascination with how to create their OWN reality.


You might be a lavender if:

 1) You feel less physically grounded most of the time and feel as if your mind is separated from your body;

2) If you prefer being a loner due to your fear that others won’t care to comprehend your communication style and thought patterns;

3) You are perpetually late and feel bored by mundane or redundant tasks at work or at home;

4) You are interested in other dimensions, other worlds, sci-fi writing, comic book characters, extraterrestrials, elemental forces and otherworldly things in general;

5) You appear physically frail and your skin tone is very pale, but you are actually quite healthy overall; and

6) You do not enjoy environments that are too hot or too cold in temperature.

Magenta Aura Color


Magentas are a powerful force because they are a combination of the grounded, physical color red and the spiritual and emotional colors blue and violet. They are creative, manipulative (when need be), funny, engaging, charismatic and inspirational. Magentas are affected strongly by their physical senses and must be stimulated at all levels to feel rewarded and happy in life and in relationships.  

Boredom sometimes leads them to self-destructive behavior, however. They measure success by the amount of joy they can experience every day. They can become great leaders by lending their positive energy to worthy causes, projects, and people. Magentas grant themselves permission to be different in all walks of life when operating in their power. When not operating in their power, they limit themselves due to fear of rejection or ridicule.


You may be a magenta if:


1) You have a lack of inhibition in either words or actions and you enjoy acting on creative impulses;


2) You are innovative and would enjoy being trusted to be a leader, especially in your career field of choice;


3) You are restless, easily bored, say what you think and have very little filter between the brain and the mouth;

4) You are susceptible to crashes both emotionally and physically due to your train-about-to-derail fast pace;


5) When operating in your power you are amazing and in awe at the beauty of the world. When you’re not operating in your power, you’re depressed at how cruel humanity can be, and you long to make up the pain of people who have been harmed by abusive cruelty (especially children and animals); and


6) You really, REALLY enjoy your sleep and must have a full 8 hours (sometimes more) to remain functional in life.   



Violet Aura Color


Violets have the powerfully important spiritual purpose of being a peacemaker, communicator, healer and mitigator for all of humanity. No pressure or anything, but you must save the world (from themselves) Violets have many, intuitive abilities that bring healing, comfort, understanding, and peace to the entire planets. Indigos had the initial purpose of coming into this world like a bull in a china shop to break through outdated paradigms, where violets came in shortly thereafter of putting the china back together.


Violets often have the clairvoyance to predict the future and change society by in changing their local environment at first, and later the entire planet (again, no pressure!). Violets are authentic and very communicative. They can easily influence society as they believe strongly in their causes- this means they make AWESOME leaders!

You may be a violet if:

1) You will stay to yourself quite a bit in life until you awaken to your mission, then you become a face the world cherishes;

2) You may be slightly cautious at first when making friends, but once you make a friend, they stay friends in your life for good. You tend to finish what you a start, always;

3) You have a need for your home environment to be peaceful, clean, soothing and nurturing. This is because you get drained by conflict and need this healing space to which you can retreat and replenish yourself;

4) You are a natural born healer, either via your voice or your touch or sometimes, your energy alone;

5) Your purpose and mission is to connect the mind, body, and spirit; and

6) You do best in occupations that combine your education/experience with your strong emotional and spiritual beliefs.


Sensitive Tan Aura Color


Sensitive Tans are polite, reliable, grounded, kind and logical. Most sensitive tans will sit back and observe, then process information, feelings and their environments in a slow, methodical manner before making choices. They aren’t quick to make life changes as they take a while to think about life from all angles before trusting enough to move towards any choice, especially relationship and career choices. Sensitive tans also do not like to be pressured or rushed into responding to people, even in light of an emotionally urgent matter.

Sensitive tans are loyal, family-oriented and strong to the core, despite their obvious need to put logic over emotions. They aren’t ones to take risks in life but have well-balanced lives without many ups and downs. They need trusted partners in love and in their careers that give them time to contemplate decisions, but will also take charge if they take TOO long to make choices. Sensitive tans are best paired with more dominant colors like magenta or red.


You might be a sensitive tan if:

1) When making choices or working towards a goal, or even in verbalizing what you’re thinking, you can’t go from A and jump to Z. You must go step by step in A, B, C, D fashion. You are methodical.


2) You may have difficulty making decisions, overall. But your hardest decisions will ones wherein you must say no to someone you care about. Boundaries can be an issue for you.


3) You have a warm, sensitive and comforting energy about you that makes others feel instantly at home.


4) You have a rather dry sense of humor, and because you are so innately intelligent, you are amused when others “get it”.


5) You value balance, commitment, dedication, loyalty and determination; and


6) You often may choose to donate to worthy causes either with your time or money. 

Environmental Tan Aura Color


Environmental tan shows up as a deep tan with a forest green band around it. These friendly, conscious aura family members are the physical center of the three-dimensional world around them. Their bodies are like sensing devices, sending out and receiving energies, translating the information physically so that it can be processed mentally. They are autonomous, responsible and willing to be their own authority, observing what is going on before committing themselves to any action. However, once committed, they are initiators with a sense of their own individuality which they hold as sacred. Their greatest challenge is to learn flexibility as their life experiences tend to reinforce the idea that living up to other people’s expectations is a prerequisite for love and acceptance. They may tend to also love being outdoors, taking care of wildlife settings and growing their own foods, as they are natural, earthy folks by nature. 


You may be an environmental tan if you:

1) Have a green thumb or desire one;

2) You are very intelligent but you frequently have trouble expressing your thoughts via words. You can sometimes be misconstrued as aloof or unfriendly, but you’re not;

3) You relish your privacy and quickly become quiet in social settings.

4) When operating out of power, you aren’t incredibly flexible and often will say that you are “stuck in a rut” in life;

5) In relationships, you are loyal, loving and committed, but you need plenty of space to decompress. You often expect your partners to know how you feel about you innately, without you having to verbalize it; and

6) You are strong, quiet, mysterious in your ways and when in your power, focused on your goals in life. You often know your overall purpose when in your power.

Logical Tan Aura Color

Logical tan is a small band of lighter tan encircling the body. Sometimes it can show up with white or a softer shade of tan even, especially if the person is in transition to opening up the intuitive parts of themselves. Logical tans are honest, stable and reliable folk. Security, family and career stability are all very important goals to the logical tans. Logical tans don’t trust their intuitive processes much and question themselves in all decisions unless they see absolute PROOF that they are on track.

They are good with details and can handle any task in life that would bore most of us to tears, especially programming related tasks (in the computer industry), budgeting (both at home and at work) and even event planning. Logical tans have been known to enjoy (not suffer) some OCD type of behavior and can be seen drooling over items at Crate and Barrell, Office Depot and other places that help them enjoy their need to stay focused on all the details of their lives.

You might be a logical tan if:

1) Your house is immaculately clean and each drawer has separate compartmentalized plastic containers in them;

2) You keep the perfect balance between your family and your career life. You do it so well that you are the envy of many people around you;

3) You become stuck or overly critical of views that don’t match your own and you can hold your ground firmly in a debate; 

4) You are dependable, grounded and down to earth in your personality. People know you will always tell them the truth;

5) You don’t prefer to express emotions of your own but you are a wonderful listener. Many people trust you; and ;

6) You are excellent with computers, technology, science facts, physics and you likely built the biggest science projects in school when you were a child.

Yellow Aura Color:

Yellows are fun of sunshine and operate with strong amounts of physical and emotional energy. They are fun, hilarious, playful, joyful and often have unique healing capabilities. Sometimes yellows can be emotionally sensitive and somewhat shy at first, but once you get to the know them, there are NO HOLDS BARRED in their personalities. You’ll get all kinds of information about them and they don’t show reservation about sharing who they are intimately with their closest friends, once they trust them. Yellows are the epitome of how Eckhart Tolle teaches us to live in there here and now. They are spontaneous and flow from moment to moment just trusting who they are, what they want and what is meant to be, will be. Their positive attitudes are absolutely contagious. No one can be in the same vicinity as a yellow and not have the time of their lives.

You might be a yellow if:

1) You are rarely seen without a gregarious grin that spreads like wildfire to others;

2) You like freedom. You don’t enjoy being tied down to careers in life that make you feel stagnant. You’d rather independently join a cause that helps you grow. Or if you are in a corporate career, you are often in a positive that allows for flow and creativity;

3) When operating out of your power, you can feel stuck, unmotivated and irresponsible. You don’t enjoy careers that make you feel as if you need to be the grown up. You don’t enjoy wearing the corporate hat if you can’t be you;

4) You’re a people magnet. You may be innately shy, but people seem to really flock to you;

5) You have a problem with wanting a balance between not having enough boundaries with people in your life (you want to please them too much) and between being stubborn. You don’t like being told what to do. Authority figures who abuse their power really bother you; and

6) You are open and nonjudgmental. You love nature and you often have concerns about the environment and animals.

Abstract Tan Aura Color:

Abstract tans project as a light tan ban surrounded by a bright red band. The red seen here is different than red as a life color or red as an overlay color. They are unique, highly intellectual and often quite misunderstood.
Abstract tans are often open books: very talkative and friendly. When operating in their own power, abstract tans have vast amounts of physical and mental energy, however, their thought patterns are random and scattered. I often call abstract tans the bumblebees of the aura spectrum because once you think you’ve figured them out, they buzz off in a different direction once more with a completely different train of thought that seems to have come out of nowhere. They can connect a thousand dots in their mind very quickly, and they are hard to follow. This may seem random to you, but it’s not. It’s their learning process about the bigger picture.


You might be an abstract tan if:


1) Even though you are scattered quite a bit, you still prefer working with details at work/career projects;

2) You isolate yourself sometimes due to worrying that others won’t understand your thought/communication processes;
3) You tend to over-commit to everything in life and then carry guilt if you can’t follow through. You may often also have a lot of irons in the fire. Your brain is like a giant warehouse of information waiting to be used. You’re a walking encyclopedia;
4) Even though you prefer everything you learn to be logical and factual, you are open towards all ideas;
5) You have endless stores of energy and when in power, can handle a lot and multi-task like crazy; and

6) You aren’t easily overstimulated.