The 411 on Ascension- DNA Upgrades and Shifts for 2021

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It’s time to get updates about where earth and humanity is headed in the Shift of 2021. 

What earth changes are going to occur this year and how will Gaia and humanity handle it all? 

Where do we collectively stand in the ascension process? 

How is ascension different in 2021 and what can we expect for physical and mental ascension symptoms? 

Dee once told me that 2021-2030 will be some of the most powerful and unusual ascension shifts that she has ever observed. What did she mean by this and how can we prepare our bodies, minds, homes and families for these exciting but somewhat daunting ascension shifts? 

What DNA upgrades and downloads are involved and how can we manage how this affects our bodies, minds and spiritual abilities? 

This is a class that I’ve been wanting to hold for many years. Now is the time.

NO ONE should miss this class, as I will be sharing life changing info that will help humanity prepare for the Shift of 2021.  


Pamela Aaralyn

Pamela Aaralyn is a world-renowned channel for a group of angelic beings who represent enlightened Christ Consciousness. As a clear conduit channel, Pamela is able to connect on a level that is unprecedented in her area of expertise.  

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