Spiritual Mentorship Program

What is the Spiritual Mentorship?

Spiritual Mentorship is not a path of religion, restriction or avoidance.
Spiritual Mentorship is recognizing and opening up to the totality of What we are,
embracing our True selves in freedom, authenticity and contentment, and
congruently expressing the Love that we are.

Spiritual Mentorship illuminates humanities’ dance between Light and dark, between our
True Self and ego; our wavering between All-sufficiency, freedom and fulfillment on one side, and
limited awareness, subservience and dependency on the other.


The Beginning Journey

3 forty-minute Sessions ( US$$1111)

Love is not blocked and enlightenment is not blocked. Blocks are illusory.

All problems are perceptual problems, undoing is correcting misperception.
Effective undoing is completely integrating your knowing that all programming is unreal.
Authenticity is not action or attack, it is allowing and speaking the truth of how you feel.
Inauthenticity is your inability to accept your light and illuminate your darkness in love.
When you are authentic, contentment arises because you are in your power.
It is not that gratitude is lacking, it is contentment.
The core of authenticity and contentment is honoring your feelings.
You reach enlightenment through contentment in each and every moment


Commitment to MySELF

10 forty-minute Sessions (US$3333)

Enlightenment is what everyone is when they stop thinking.

Enlightenment is consistent choices of mind that become easier as a habit.

Enlightenment does not wait for the luxury of solitude.

Enlightenment is going about your daily life in the bliss of Oneness.

Enlightenment is not sitting still doing nothing for many hours.

Enlightenment is highly creative through stillness within motion, freely flowing in and out

of creative patterns.

Enlightenment is not renunciating your responsibilities.

Enlightenment is consciously experiencing and creating within your daily

responsibilities as Oneness.

Enlightenment is not diminishing your body or rejecting ego.

Enlightenment is Spirit directly expressing through your body.


You can learn to experience:

The dissolution of any power-over/power-under dynamic holding you hostage.

Being God; that is extending Love through constant forgiveness in every moment.
Desire as acceptance, allowance and contentment, without seeking for different or better.
Desire without attachment as the means of spiritual creation.
Your internal world and your external world as One.