Services Offered

How to schedule a session with Pamela: 
  • Self-schedule by going to the green table below and selecting the session length of your choice. Set your local timezone. Choose the day and time from the menu. Only Pamela’s current availability will be shown on the menu in your local time zone. Then complete the intake form and payment. You will receive a confirmation email with a link that will allow you to add information or make changes if needed. Please contact us if you do not receive a confirmation.
  • Emergency sessions will be scheduled on Tuesdays and Wednesdays ONLY. Please schedule your “Emergency” session for any available day/time and the office will move it to the first available time. We will do our best to accommodate all requests for emergency sessions each week, however, there are a limited amount of spaces available.

Platforms used for reading:

  • Internet Video Call  All sessions are done through Zoom, which is free for you to use and compatible with most devices. You will receive information on it’s setup anduse after scheduling. 
  • Phone Readings  We will provide you with a call in number and instructions for Zoom. Zoom has numbers in the US and many numbers available internationally. 
  • In Person Sessions for clients able to visit the Salt Lake City area, Pamela is located 20 minutes north of SLC Intl. Airport. Please contact us by email if you have any questions prior to scheduling.


  • In order to fill in the calendar efficiently we may need to adjust your appointment time by 15-30 minutes (nope not the Mandela effect, sorry). If it will be more than 60 minutes you will be asked for approval.
  • All sessions must be paid in full in order to complete scheduling. Any scheduled sessions unpaid 48 hours prior to the start will be canceled and the time slot will be offered to an emergency session.
  • Stripe is used to process secure card payments. Your payment info never leaves their secure server, only a confirmation is sent. We never share your private information with anyone for any reason, ever.
  • Readings are priced by time as listed below.  You may have one, several or all reading types in your session as time allows. Please see the Private Readings page for information on reading types.  As always please contact us if you need any additional information.


We have put a great deal of effort into creating a system that will be simple, user-friendly and most importantly one that will work…all day, every day. Our goal is that you can focus on the reason you came here in the first place and that the technology making it happen will just do its job in the background largely unnoticed. To ensure a great user experience that has the most reliable connection quality, video and recording performance available we have selected as our source for this service. Everything is provided at no additional cost. No account or registration is required. 


Other Services:

Shamanic Healing Grid Ceremonies: (ordering instructions below, detail info can be found on the “Shamanic Crystal Healing Grid” page)
  • Select your Grid option in the green table. Please select the first available date for Healing Intention Ceremonies, scheduling is largely for our office use only and they are done first come first serve, not selecting the first available date could delay receiving your grid. If you are requesting a specific day for a personal reason please note that, otherwise your order may be expedited. You will be asked to fill in contact information, this is essential, your grid will be forwarded via email. Please verify that you have entered a working email address.
  • Next fill in the “Intentions & Concerns” box. We suggest you have one intention because the more focused and direct the intention, the more powerful it will be for you. A secondary intention may be added if you wish.
  • You are required to upload one photo of the recipient of the primary intention. You may upload two additional photos.
  • Some things to know about photos: photos of people should be free of hats, sunglasses, and obstructions that prevent a full view of their head. White or light backgrounds are best. Send individual as opposed to group photos whenever possible.
  • You will receive your grid photos and instructions via WeTransfer email 24-48 hours after the scheduled date.