Source Tones

These tones are KEY to an enlightenment path. No visualization is required, just a sacred commitment to meditating for a short amount of time daily while chanting the Source Tones in your mind.

Pamela was born with a unique gift to hear, chant and heal with sacred source tones. They have been the basis of her Kripa Yoga practice (Yoga of Grace) and the basis of the healing she provides to the world, Blessings of Grace. She is thrilled to finally be given permission from her ascended masters Guru Dev and Ramana Maharshi, to offer them to you.

The tones come from ancient vedic texts and other sacred, lesser known texts. They are unique tones that bring YOU into creation. You will receive your OWN sacred tones. They are your God/Source creation tones. Chanting these tones in your mind clears the way to your enlightenment in the following ways:

1) Realization of Who YOU are;
2) Clearing of all thoughts;
3) Opening to GOD thoughts (once ego mind ceases, your thoughts completely shift into more creative, useful ones);
4) Abundance and healing in health, relationships and finances;
5) Opening up of spiritual abilities; and
6) Awareness of purpose and path on earth