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Patreon Schedule for December 2021

Thanks for much for your kind support here in our Patreon spiritual community.

We are entering into the Holy Season of the Mystic, which is a very exciting time! Lightworkers613 and I will be channeling Jesus and The Marys this month and we have an amazing theme of sacred rituals coming up for December

The theme of December 2021 is Living in the Light. What is LIGHT? It’s not a metaphor. There is a strong difference in religion and mysticism. Mystics learn to “follow the light”. Mysticism gives the rituals of Light in the Sacred NOW. Religion teaches to commemorate and learn based upon the past. Following the Now Moment by practices of the Sacred Light can bring you into the same sacred Now.

The holy world can work in your modern world also.

Thanks for all of your suggestions. The voting results were listed in the schedule below. Keep an eye on the holiday discount for patrons listed in the newsfeed. Message us with any questions. 

Tuesday Dec 7, 1pm MST Tier 5 Sound Healing

Come join the complete immersion sound healing for a deep meditation and otherworldly journey outside of time. 

Wednesday Dec 8, 1pm MST Tiers 1-5 Spiritual Development Q and A

Join us for a live satsang- a holy experience with sound meditation and a spiritual development Q and A for the live patrons.

Thursday Dec 9, 1pm MST Tiers 2-5 Thought and Frequency Management-  

Work through stress, spiritual blocks, dark night of the soul or overwhelm with shamanic, druidic, yoga kriya, pranayama and alchemy techniques that work in 30 sec-3 minutes.

Monday Dec 13, 1pm MST Tiers 1-5 Channeling a Surprise Light Being

I’ll let you know more when the being reveals itself to me

Wednesday Dec 15, 1pm MST Tiers 4-5 Spiritual Bonfire

Meet with other students and initiates of Pamela. Learn from each other and from Pamela in this sacred, authentic sharing.

Monday Dec 20, 1pm MST Tiers 4-5 Channeling

Joseph (My Story of Mary)

Tuesday Dec 21, 1pm MST Tiers 1-5 Class

Living in the Light- A Mystical Journey of The Sacred Everyday Now

Wednesday Dec 22 1pm MST Tiers 3-4 Class and Ritual

The Sacred Druidic Ritual of Winter Solstice (from the Wheel of the Year)

What is Patreon and How does it work.

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