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Patreon Schedule for March 2022

Thanks for much for your kind support here in our Patreon spiritual community.

MARCH 2022 Schedule and Theme

This month’s theme will be Conscious Connections. 
Thank you for sticking around for another month of growth with each other.
 will learn about the karma of our thoughts, feelings, speech and conscious actions. We will learn how to be more conscious by allowing more authenticity into our lives.
NEW THIS MONTH to Tiers 2 to 5
As so many of you have asked, we have added Pet Communication Class and Q&A to Tiers 2 to 5 to replace  Frequency Management as so few of you were attending or watching replays. You can bring your pets to this class also. Details below.
For new members , all links to events will be posted before each event in line with your Tier Levels.
Thursday 3/3/22, 1pm MT  Tiers 1-5 Class – Sacred Flame Ritual and Makeup Class
Making this one up from last month. The Ancients will be joining us to channel the Sacred Flame as we light up our lives and bring to the surface that which is invisible to us (and heal it).
Monday, 3/7/22 1pm MT Tiers 1-5 Class- Truth- Your Call To Personal Power
This class involves a ritual to call in one’s power for deeper awareness of subconscious and past life karma. What is it you hide from yourselves and others? Why do you do it? Are you tired of playing small? Do you dim your own light in order to avoid painful confrontation with others? Do you sacrifice your own needs for “peace” and for the comfort of others? Aren’t you tired of that? This class addresses karma in a way that personalizes our power and gives active, practical techniques to CHANGE the way you live.
Wednesday, 3/9/22 1pm MT Tiers 1-5 Live Spiritual Development Q and A
Come join us to ask your questions about spiritual development.
Friday, 3/11/22 1pm MT Tier 5 Sound Healing
Come join us to hear the Hathors channeled. Listen in to light language and Hathor/Katama Tribe overtoning.
Thursday 3/17/22 1pm MT Tiers 4-5 Channeling Metatron– Learn to Manage Your Frequency– In this channeling Metatron will address our frequency and learning to change it. We will learn to become aware of what frequency is, how it feels in the body, the thoughts and the emotions. We will learn to instantly change it when need be (and when it’s inauthentic to change it). IF I can get Amanda on the schedule, I will invite her to co-channel but she has been very busy these days. She’s interested but often busy. We will see. 🙂
Tiers 4 -5 Bonfire  – Will be Scheduled during w/c 20th
Check your Tier posts and emails for details.
Monday, 3/28/22 1pm MT Tiers 2-5 Pet Communication Class and Q and A
Bring your pets! Learn a few techniques on how to communicate with your pet and then let me channel them for you! Fun times! Watch me channel my pets on Instagram here
Tuesday 3/29/22 1pm MT Tiers 1-5 Channeling the Hathors
Buckle down for some changes this year, according to the Hathors. The Hathors are a group of intergalactic beings who were first on earth as The Katama Tribe (they didn’t stay long). They originate from Venus and Lyra. They’ve been in contact with healers and channels since the beginning of humankind, and have many ways to help us overcome the “power over/power under” model in our current, modern world.
Wednesday 3/30/22 1pm MT Tiers 3-5 Class- Soul Essence Channeling
Learn to communicate with your higher self and with your inner child. Learn the difference.

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