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June 2021 Schedule

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful support and for the beautiful, sacred friendships we continue to grow.  I hope it feels as relevant to you as it does to me!~ See you very soon, my lovely friends and family.



Tuesday June 1, 2021, 1pm MT  Tier 5-

Sound Healing for Healing Anxiety and Fear Release


 Wednesday June 2, 2021, 1pm MT Tiers 2-5-

Frequency Management Techniques for Empowerment and Quick Release of Anxiety-

I will be discussing and sharing tools and techniques to release fear and to quickly calm anxiety.


Thursday June 3, 2021, 1pm MT  Tiers 3-5- Class-

Soma, The Healing Energy Tool for a Balanced, Healthy Life:

Soma is a particular sound medicine that has many healing uses.

Soma is a sound medicine that is amplified from one’s voice in many ways (you don’t have to be a singer to use it).

Soma is the combination of sound and light for a unique medicine to activate the God Particle within your brain so that the God Mind within you can heal whatever needs healing. It’ great for balance, alignment, grounding, healing and for a peaceful life.

You can use soma in a mild or miraculous manner- it’s up to you! Soma helps you by connecting you to GOD within! It truly is the ultimate medicine available to all.


Monday June 7, 2021, 1pm MT Tiers 1-5: Class-

Updates on The Shift of 2021- Finding Truth in Your World of Illusion (taught by Pamela)

I’d love to show you the long trail of deception that has been going on.

We can also discuss who is behind it and why there is a need to deceive humanity.

It will be important from here on out to find truth, know how to do your own research and follow your instincts.

Once you know how to do this, it will be important to know how to create your own world, empower yourself and stay in TRUTH. Hint- It’s not just about “our” government in the states, nor is it about “just” China or “just” Russia. There could be an even bigger superpower that isn’t human involved in such alliances. Why do they all have the need to hide disclosure from us? Why was COVID19 such a political experience for us?

I’ve kept quiet for as long as I’ve needed, but am no longer willing to keep quiet about what I’ve researched that aligns with what The Galactic Council of 9 and all higher realm beings have shown me. 


Tuesday June 8, 2021, 1pm MT Tiers 4-5: Channeling

Channeling the Galactic Council of 9- What is Real In Our Skies?

There is truly so much going on these days that no one knows what is real anymore. What is going on with different galactic councils that we aren’t aware of? What are we not being told about the UFOs in our skies and the beings that occupy them? There has been a long trail of deception surrounding UFOs. I’m positive that the Galactic Council of 9 is willing to clear it up for us and answer your questions.


Wednesday June 9, 2021, 1pm MT Tier 4 -5:

Spiritual Bonfire:

Join us for a very private, behind the scenes sharing. Many times we do a meditation or sound healing, then a long discussion of our spiritual journeys. This is also chance to ask me and others questions and get to know each other. We all share the screen together on zoom.


Thursday June 10, 2021 1pm MT: Tiers 1-5:

Spiritual Development Q and A:

Join us to ask questions about your spiritual development and to learn new tips and techniques to help in your spiritual development and growth.


Monday June 14, 2021 1pm MT: Tiers 1-5:

Channeling Ra- Intervention Tactics and Updates to The Shift of 2021

The last we heard from the Ra Group, they told us that there wasn’t as much intervention.

Yet lately our research and intuition has shown many of us that that the “no intervention from the galactics” rule has changed. Has it? If it has, why has it changed?

What intervention is occurring, and has this been for our highest interests?

What can we do to protect ourselves, or do we need to do that?

There have been many updates shared from the Ra Council about this lately and I’d like for them to not just tell me, but now you.


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