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The theme for July 2021 is The Great Undoing

In order to be prepared for the changes coming over the next 10-11 years, we need to undo what we’ve learned from our cultures (or education, religions, parenting and childhood learnings/traumas, addictions/attachments (to food, electronics, ways of modern life, etc. that no longer serve where we are headed in ascension collectively).

Undoing attachments to lifestyle, culture and things we’ve learned from culture can help us no longer create the same painful cycles of human suffering in the near future. We are now officially “walking enough other home”.

We can’t remember who we are without undoing what we are not.

Are you ready?


July 1, 1pm MT Tiers 1-5

Spiritual Development Q and A

Now is the time to show up with your questions live and connect with me in a more one on one fashion.

This is a group Q and A, but I will be responding to your LIVE questions about your personal journey, your spiritual development, practices/techniques/modalities, etc.


July 5, 1pm MT Tiers 2-5

Frequency Management for Undoing Attachment in the Mind and Body

Releasing physical and mental attachments regulates the nervous system, which calms down pain and inflammation as well as releasing anxiety and creating more inner balance in one’s life.

Releasing mental attachments heals grief and also helps manage your emotional or physical reactions to triggers from stress, anger, sadness and panic.

Turmoil in our physical world isn’t changing unless it’s worsening.

However, our reaction to turmoil can be managed through kriya, breath practices and thought frequency management. 


July 7, 1pm MT Tiers 4-5

Spiritual Bonfire

This meeting is a very personal sacred space.

We typically begin with a sound healing, blessing or guided meditation.

We then connect one on one with each other.

Based upon your questions in our discussions I (and other initiates and adepts) will answer your questions and provide suggestions, modalities or observations.

We are all typically on screen for this process and we meet via zoom.

I ask that each person stays muted until called upon or until they unmute themselves to provide answers or advice to others.

It has become a very personal, sacred meeting to all of us here who attend.

Newcomers always welcome, no level of mastery required at all.

Remember, we are walking each other home. 


July 12, 1pm MT Tiers 1-5

Class: The Webs We Weave-The Karmic Effects of Language

Learning to speak from spirit not (just) mind, we can begin the great undoing by learning all of the ways that culture has set a mighty powerful trap for us that we can now undo.

Learning how our thoughts, feelings can be managed BEFORE we speak or connect with words can be the ultimate way to begin unlearning of disempowering religious, educational and parenting culture.


July 14, 1pm MT Tiers 4-5

Channeling Clara (from the Council of 9)

What does it mean to be “ground crew”?

Standing in the middle path and following the middle way is a very inclusive path for mystics in this modern time.

Does it mean we give up being wealthy or abundant?

Does it mean we serve more and become less self centered?

The way most people consider this is that if they cannot be famous or super wealthy, they don’t want to serve.

People believe they need money to serve and they believe money is the ultimate tool to even be able to serve.

This is true and untrue simultaneously.

It’s not as simple as giving up or renunciating money, lust or fame.

Being or choosing to become ground crew (those who stay with earth and serve earth and humanity no matter what is about service in whatever way possible). 


July 19th, 1pm MT Tiers 1-5

Channeling Heylel and Lilith- Duality is the Ascension Choice Now

It’s time to learn more about why we are choosing ascension to be so different and creative this time around.

As the Kybalion says, “The All is Within the All” but what does this mean in terms of creativity, Oneness and how to balance it all?

Let’s ask the mother and father of this Universe what these changes mean.

Are you excited that we are approaching the biggest UNDOING and unlearning in all of humanity?

This month has prompted more writings and channeling from Heylel and Lilith, and I’m certain that they have a lot to share if you’re willing to ask and connect to them.

This will be a trance channeling and highly interactive with viewers.


July 21, 1pm MT Tiers 3-5

Class: The Way of the Druids- A Look Back into Ancient Ceremonies and Elemental Alchemy

Have you ever wondered why the druids were so ceremonial, what ceremonies they performed in conjunction with the moon and sun cycles and what these ceremonies accomplished?

The druids works WITH nature, not against it which made them the ultimate adepts and practitioners.

They worked for the good of ALL and understood the middle way. Let’s take a look at some of their beautiful, sacred ways and lives.

A surprise druidic being will show up for this class. 


July 26, 1pm MT Tier 5

Sound Healing with Pamela

Show up for some live sound healing with sacred tones, possible singing bowls and meditative background music. 

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