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Patreon Schedule for JANUARY 2022

Thanks for much for your kind support here in our Patreon spiritual community.

Welcome back.

Thank you so much for your support here. We’ve built a very tight, loving, supportive community here. I look forward to another beautiful year with you all!

January’s theme is TRANSFORM- New Year, New You!

It’s time to look at aspects of ourselves spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially.

It’s time to make next most believable steps towards BIG transformation.

Aren’t you tired of the same old, same old?

The new year is a time to make these transformations powerfully together.

Let’s look at habits, blocks and thought patterns from fear and shame that stop the changes we need in our lives.


Tiers 4-5 Spiritual Bonfire, 3rd Jan 2023 at 1pm MT

Tiers 2-5 Mystical Masterclass, 5th  Jan 2023 at 1pm MT

Nag Hammadi OR whatever book shows up at the time of the teaching. We may vote on it if you have suggestions. Do you have suggestions now? If so, let me know in comments.

Tiers 1-5 Channeling ,10th Jan 2023 at 1pm MT

Heylel and Lilith- Guidance for 2023- New Year, New You

Tiers 4-5 Channeling, 12th Jan 2023 at 1pm MT

Humans from the Future Year 2040

Meet a group of humans we can channel to ask question about our alignment with what 2040 looks like, as it currently stands.

Tiers 1-5 Class, 17th Jan 2023 at 1pm MT

Meet Your Ascended Soul- See Your Mastered Potential

This is a class when we get to work with YOUR Higher Self/Ascended SOUL.

Meeting your soul is very beneficial to your growth and mastery.

You can release ANY block in your life if you just get to know your ascended soul.

Come with questions for your ascended soul!  This will be a very personal experience. 

Tier 5 Class, 19th Jan 2023 at 1pm MT

Manifestation for Mystics- Small Steps, Big Change

Tiers 3-5 Class, 24th Jan 2023 at 1pmMT

Root Chakra Healing with Lilith- Trust Your Gut, but Move Your Ass!

Tiers 1-5 Spiritual Development Q and A, 26th Jan 2023 at 1pm MT

Come and ask me your burning questions in yout heart.

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