Patreon Schedule January 2021 for Patreon Members.  

               Available through subscription to Pamela’s site. See link at end of page.

                     All times are Mountain Time. See details to explain what Patreon is and how it works.

Tiers 1-5 Live Q and A | 1 pm MT Monday January 4th

Q&A for Spiritual Development.   Join me for a live guided meditation and then answering your questions.


Tiers 4-5 Spiritual Bonfire | 1 pm MT Tuesday January 5th

A zoom event where members get to talk one on one with me about their challenges and joys throughout the month, what they are observing spiritually and personally. It’s a wonderful time to connect more deeply.


Tier 5- Sound Healing | 1 pm MT Thursday January 7th

Creation with Pamela’s New Looper and/or tanpura (if it is tuned by then)


Tiers 4-5 Channeling | 1 pm MT Friday January 8th

Alice Bailey (topic to be disclosed later)


Tiers 3-5 Class | 1 pm MT Monday January 11th

Your SOUL & the Seven Rays of Ascension- with Alice Bailey 


Tiers 2-5 Kripa Yoga | 1 pm MT Thursday January 14th

How to Release Personal Insecurity 


Tiers 1-5 Class | 1 pm MT Friday January 15th

Christ Conscious Technologies in EVERY DAY LIFE- with Yeshua, Lilith & Heylel


Tiers 1-5 Channeling | 1 pm MT Monday January 18th

Thoth the Atlantean- The Emerald Tablets and their meaning throughout history

What is Patreon and How does it work.

Patroen is a subscription service which you register for yourself, to register for Pamela’s page is register here

When you register you can choose which tier you want .There are different benefits available for each tier.

Below is a list of benefits for each  tier (see pics) and the group events you have access to monthly. You also have access depending on your tier level to past classes and channelling from Pamela’s library of work over the last year, and a live Q&A monthly . All these events are group events for members. The tiers group classes and channellings and Q& A are live , but if you miss them as a member recordings are available on the platforms used. As a patroen member there can also be discounts available some months , to be used to purchase live public events, readings, mentorship sessions etc on

Patreon it is a subscription . You are charged monthly whether you join on the first or last day of a month. You can cancel at any time. Once you cancel your subscription, you membership is cancelled and you loose access to benefits of your tier immediately and Pamela’s library of past work.  So if you join or move a tier on the 1st or 30th of a month, you are charged for that month. You are charged again on the 1st of the next month and monthly there after . No refunds are granted in these situations.

Note: Patroen bill patrons on the 1st of each month at midnight in pacific standard time (PST)– payments process throughout the day on the 1st of each month PST.