Patreon Schedule August 2021 for Patreon Members.

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Patreon Schedule for August 2021

Thank you so much for your continued friendship, love and support here. It’s such an honor to work with you in both learning and teaching.

The theme of the month for August is Seeing Truth.

Amidst all of the world’s continuing distractions, it’s easy to forget why we are here, what our own truths are  and how we can walk clearly and powerfully in that truth. It’s hard to remember what we’re here to do during times of distortion as old cultures die and new ones are born.

It’s hard to stay aligned with missions, feel motivated and stay healthy if we cannot see our own truth, others’ truths and objective Truth. When we can see truth clearly, it’s easier to remove ourselves from unhealthy karmic patterns with others, release enmeshment once and for all and mastery boundaries. Who’s in?

Monday Aug. 9th 1pm MT Live Spiritual Development Q and A Tiers 1-5

Join us for a live discussion and Q and A to help you along your path.

Wednesday Aug. 11th, 1pm MT , Sound Healing Tier 5

Show up for some live sound healing with sacred tones, possible singing bowls and meditative background music.

Monday Aug. 16th, 1pm MT , Frequency Management Tiers 2-5

Compassion for the BODY and MIND. Learn techniques to help you listen to yourself and attune to your own needs.

Wednesday Aug. 18th, 1pm MT Channeling – Mary Magdalene  Tiers 4-5

Monday Aug. 23rd 1pm MT Class – Foundations of Water Elementals- Connect with Water Tiers1-5

A Surprise Druidic Being (I will tell you soon) will show up to teach us more about connecting to the element of WATER. Water is the ultimate communicator, just not with words.

Wednesday Aug. 25th, 1pm MT  Channeling -The Fairy Collective- Tiers 1-5

JOY is the KEY to Living in Light: The fairies have a key to living powerful- they know how to live in joy. It’s quicker than shadow work, not painful and not a bypass. I WONDER what it is?!  Hint- it’s like inquiry except easier. It makes you get out of your head and into magic.

Monday Aug. 30th, 1pm MT  Class – The Kingdom of Hod- Balance of Self and Others Tiers 3-5

Learn Mystery School principles about the middle way, how to find balance in creativity/oneness and how to connect to others without losing oneself.

Tuesday Aug. 31st , 1pm MT Spiritual Bonfire Tiers 4-5

This meeting is a very personal sacred space. We can typically begin with a sound healing, blessing or guided meditation.  We then connect one on one with each other. We are all typically on screen for this process and we meet via zoom. I ask that each person stays muted until called upon or until they unmute themselves to provide answers or advice to others. It has become a very personal, sacred meeting to all of us here who attend.  Newcomers always welcome, no level of mastery required at all.  Remember, we are walking each other home.

All links to the live events will be publish for each tier level approx 24 hours before each event. The link for the live sound healing will be published as we go live.

What is Patreon and How does it work.

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When you register you can choose which tier you want .There are different benefits available for each tier.

Below is a list of benefits for each  tier (see pics) and the group events you have access to monthly. You also have access depending on your tier level to past classes and channelling from Pamela’s library of work over the last year, and a live Q&A monthly . All these events are group events for members. The tiers group classes and channellings and Q& A are live , but if you miss them as a member recordings are available on the platforms used. As a patroen member there can also be discounts available some months , to be used to purchase live public events, readings, mentorship sessions etc on

Patreon it is a subscription . You are charged monthly whether you join on the first or last day of a month. You can cancel at any time. Once you cancel your subscription, you membership is cancelled and you loose access to benefits of your tier immediately and Pamela’s library of past work.  So if you join or move a tier on the 1st or 30th of a month, you are charged for that month. You are charged again on the 1st of the next month and monthly there after . No refunds are granted in these situations.

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